Our Milestones

Our Milestones

Tan Well was co-founded in 1986 by Mr Richard Tan & Mrs Ivy Lim under the name of Tan Well Engineering Works. The humble start-up initiated with the duo’s effort in clinching small projects and providing a full range of services from planning to fabrications to installations. Soon after, they were able to establish a small yet competent team working on small projects, motivated by a common goal to establish themselves in the local industry. By 1993, the company was able to find early success and officially renamed to Tan Well Engineering Pte Ltd.

Throughout the years, the company encountered numerous setbacks but was able to overcome each hurdle under the leadership of CEO, Mr Richard Tan. Today, Tan Well is a reputable and established company in the local construction industry with a pool of experienced and committed staff. In the many years to come, Tan Well aims to diversify its businesses and move into the global industry.





Mr Richard Tan and Ms Ivy Lim co-founded the company under the name of Tan Well Engineering Works, operating from a small home-based office and a small fabrications workshop at Jalan Hwi Yoh, specialising in metal fabrication works.


The company was officially renamed to Tan Well Engineering Pte Ltd as the company expanded its staff pool and was capable to undertake projects of higher complexity. The array of expertise also widened with the increase in experience and exposure. The company shifted its operations to a small factory in the Punggol vicinity to cope with the increase with businesses.


Despite the company being affected during the 1998 economic crisis, it eventually managed to tide through under the leadership of the CEO Mr Richard Tan, emerging stronger than ever. The company then shifted into two units of factory in Bedok with enough spaces to accommodate to a larger pool of workers and machineries.


The company underwent some restructuring to emphasise on staff upgrading and service quality, along with implementation of new guidelines such as crisis management protocols. With more tactful decisions made when obstacles arose and improvements in clients’ satisfaction, the company was able to progress smoother. The company was again relocated to a larger factory spanning over 10,000sqft in Defu Lane, where it is situated today.


With a continued expansion in staff and areas of expertise, the company decided to move into the building construction industry. Through the opportunity, Tan Well facilitated the construction of a three-storey dwelling terrace in the Yishun vicinity from architectural design, building construction to submissions. The success with the role of main-contractor in the project proved the company competent in taking up more projects in the building construction industry. Subsequently, the company managed to take up more building construction and A&A projects in its portfolio.


With a good reputation etched in the local industry, the company was able to progress year after year, undertaking more bigger projects. Today, the company takes on private building construction projects, providing a full range of solutions including planning, architectural designs, submissions to building completion. Moving on, the company aims to continue achieving excellence and greater breakthroughs.